NMD Consulting trading as NMD Trading Enterprise CK 2006/16145/23 is a 100% Black Woman Owned (BWO) business focusing in construction. The company was formed in 2006 heading the call of our government that we should not seek to be employed, but that rather we must be employers to grow the economy of the Republic of South Africa.  

NMD realized that it had accumulated valuable skills and experience over a period of time from a number of construction project, having started at lower general building (GB) stage. The company felt a need to contribute to the economy positively, to the nation and create a platform of skills transfer.


Not limited to skills transfer, but to create a platform where business ideas are shared amongst other SMME’s and seeks a positive way forward to grow SMME’s into formidable companies.

It is for this course that NMD proud’s itself with its management and its technical abilities, a competent team of African professionals with vast of experience over 30 years. The management team has taken the challenge of making NMD a remacable company. This is through systematic business approach of executing and implementing processes and business acumen that will see NMD achieving its goals.

NMD has capabilities in working with various stakeholders in project execution inter alia implementing agents, professional consultants and clients, in ensuring that whatever needs are, are met with precision. NMD believes that it will be able to create a memorable brand and fixing it in the clients mind. 



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